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Aus Studentenstadt Freimann

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The "StuSta"

The Studentenstadt Freimann, or "StuSta", is the largest residence hall in Germany where spread over 15 buildings, 2500 students from all over the world live in either apartments, single rooms or with a roommate. The StuSta offers among other things a gym, a number of playing filds, taverns, discotheques, its own kindergarten, a Sauna and a reading hall of the Studentenwerk library. The StuSta was constructed in two sections in the 60s and 70s in northern Munich and is adjacent to the English Garden. Being in close proximity to the A9 highway, the Frankfurterring, the Föhringerring, aswell as to the Subway (U6), the Stusta is located in such a way that students who attend institutions in the city center, or faculties of the Technische Universität located at the research center in Garching, can commute easily.

Life at the Stusta

At a glance, the high-rise buildings of the Studentenstadt with their concrete construction of the '70s are everything but inviting. But it is due to this ghetto-like isolation, the enthusiasm and engagement of the residents that a student-culture and a bond of togetherness has evolved from these walls. The highlight of this development is probably the "StuStaCulum", a music and theater festival, that since its inception in 1989 has attracted over 20'000 visitors to the Studentenstadt over the course of four days. Numerous associations and communal facilities make life in the Studentenstadt pleasant and multifaceted. Apart from the Kulturleben in der Studentenstadt e.V. and the StuStaCulums, the Studentenstadt offers the StuStaNet e.V. and its own sports club, that among other things is presently involved with training a Rugby team that plays in the second Bundesliga. Furthermore, there are a number of "real" student taverns which are managed and run by the resident students. Whether it is a good meal at the "TribüHne" (run by TribüHne e.V.), a fresh salad at the "Bistro", a delicious Pot-Baguette at the "Potschamperl" or a chilled Cuba Libre at the "Manhattan", the highest cocktail bar in Munich - each StuSta resident will find their own way to recuperate from daily university life. Party goers are welcome at both of our discos, "Mad Max" and "Egon's Underground" and in the mornings the "Brotladen" with its breakfast menu is open for buiness. Over and above that, each house offers countless other activities where you can participate in; Starting with a common room on each floor where you can watch TV with your friends and even a little shop, so that you needn't go far to get the essentials. The backbone and starting point of all these activities is the consistent and thorough student self-administration of the Studentenstadt. There are tutors in each house that regularly offer new activities; Elected house speakers are approachable for problems with neighbors or with the land lords. Involvement in the self-administration of the Studentenstadt is encouraged by the Studentenwerk and active participants can usually extend their otherwise six to eight semester limited stay at the Studentenstadt.


The Studentenstadt Freimann is a residence hall of the Studentenwerk Munich. Anyone who is enrolled at a University in Munich can apply for a spot in the Studentenstadt. Depending on building, the residence time is limited from six to eight semesters. Due to the difficult housing situation and the large demand for housing resulting from it, waiting periods between one and four semesters must be taken into account. Further information concerning housing applications can be found on the Studentenwerk München website.